Saturday, June 18, 2011


Because I'm pretty sure I've been a blogging under-achiever.  Rule #1 of blogging: Post every day.  Just can't seem to get the hang.

Anywho, lots is new here!  Christopher and Louis and I have moved from our winter rental into my aunt and uncle's beautiful, natural-light-filled, feng-shui-winning house.  It's a relief to be here, even though it looked a lot better before we moved all of our stuff in.  We're still unpacking, but mostly I just want to tuck everything unnecessary away and out of sight!

Crafting news is up and down.  I've been doing less spinning because since the move, Rosa is making a clunking nose when the whorl revolves. . . need to post an S.O.S. on Ravelry!  But, before the move I spun up most of my 8 oz. of pencil-drafted corriedale from Crown Mountain Farms. Spins like a dream, plies like a dream, now I just need a dry day to come along so I can wash and dry it!  I am considering (if I have enough yardage) spinning up the rest of it, as well as the natural coloured corriedale, to make the Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West.

My sweater is coming alone well, and is a dream to work on - bless your merino fibers, Madelinetosh, I just wub you in every way.  The only problem I am having with it is that I can't put down my Hemlock Ring (Shawl) for long enough to work on my sweater!  Amber Trinket on gold Addi Lace needles is just a sensual experience, and I can't get enough.  Plus, three consecutive rows of stockinette stitch at approximately 600 stitches per row makes for a lot of mindless knitting between lace rows.

Last night I cast on Christopher's Discover Sock from Cat Bordhi's P.F.F.I.S.K (long title, I'm sleepy, sue me).  I love this method of sock construction, and don't anticipate having second sock syndrome the same way I would if I was faced with the horrors of GUSSETS and SHORT ROW DRAMA.  I can't make short rows un-gappy in less than a DK weight, this is a failure on my part - I admit it.

In a week, we'll be going to New York for my cousin's wedding to his wonderful fiancĂ©e!  Starting to get excited, but I need to practice doing my hair, because I'm not good at it.  My papa was teasing me the other day about that, actually.  He said, "But you're such a good knitter! Shouldn't hair be easy?"  I'm trying not to think about how slippy and annoying it would be to try knitting with human hair.  You think bamboo is bad?  Puh-leez!

In other exciting news, I just got this game:

So I'm gonna go try that.  I'll post photos to accompany this post later, as soon as I've got some natural light to take them in!  I just can't make flash photos work for knitting.  Anyone have any tips and tricks about that?