Friday, February 18, 2011


And I am lying in bed, melting, at 8:45.  I would be embarrassed, if I wasn't so sleepy and well-fed.

One of the sewing machines at work.

The awesome chain-link pattern that wouldn't fit over my heel and had to be frogged.

The cutest booties ever, made by my aunt Becky.
In the mail today I got yarn for a new project - Mitts for Miss Karen, my college roommate.  It feels so weird to say "college roommate" in the past tense.  Her previous set of mitts have gone walkabout, so I am going to make her a new set.  Finally - a chance to knit with Baby Cashmerino! :D

Now, I will leave you wondering - did I really sign off to go to bed at 9:03 PM?  I'll never tell. . .


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