Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Danger Zone

I am trying not to go to the yarn store today. I need new needles, for my Scary Lace Project, but I am worried that if I go to the yarn store I will start squeezing the Namaste bags, and even though I need a bag I am afraid! Work is optional this week, and I have taken the option of staying home and cleaning and knitting and apparently shopping. But it doesn't make sense to stay home from work and then go shopping, does it?

Anyway, my Scary Lace Project is the Laminaria shawl in Madelinetosh Tosh Lace. Santa brought me the lace in the colorway Fjord, and after hours of indecision I decided to be brave and try the Laminaria pattern. I am a little (a lot) intimidated by it.

I am feeling faint, and need some pizza bagels.

Ok, feeling better. Anyway, I need to get some needles for the Laminaria because my circulars are the interchangeable Harmony Wood needles from Knitpicks. And while I wound that 950 yards of lace yarn the other night (took about 1.5 hours) I realized that I didn't want there to be a chance of the needle coming unscrewed and snagging the yarn. So - Addi circulars it is!

So far, I've knit three rows of the Laminaria and it is freaking me out a little! The yarn is so thin and cobwebby, and my hands feel so big! I think I'm just feeling that way because I've been working mainly with worsted weight yarns for my Christmas knitting. And because when I wound it I accidentally cut it in the wrong place and had to do my first Russian join to splice everything back together. I guess it looks nice to have the binding yarn of a skein the same as the yarn itself, but hot damn I wish more companies would just use some nice, disposable string. I've cut through the wrong loop more times than I like to think about.

I'll post pictures as soon as there's something to see! And now, I have to get Louie ready for her vet appointment. Do you think she'll mind waiting in the car while I run into the yarn store afterward? It would be a good way to make sure I won't stay and shop too long. . .

edited at 1:30 to add: I DID IT. I went, and I only bought the needles I need. I am so proud.


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