Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've been dreaming lately. . .

I've been daydreaming lately, while I write the blog for the small company where I work, about starting my very own blog.

Alright, you caught me. It certainly isn't my first time, and I never meant to trick you. I have a livejournal, and many moons ago I had a deadjournal at some point when I was swept away by the politics of the internet and the Great Livejournal Hosting Scare of Whenever. I still use my livejournal, but I've had it for a long, long time. Since 2000. That takes me all the way back through Junior High School, and that is a train wreck that no one needs to read.

I've also had another blogger blog, which you can read here. I blogged while living in St. Petersburg, Russia for a month with three of my classmates from college. Well, I lived with the other girl, and the boys lived across the hall. Which was good because one group of us routinely stayed up late getting drunk on Russian beer and flinging leftover chicken carcasses from the roof in the wee, strangely lit summer hours of the night - and the other preferred to stay in and read and knit. I'll give you a hint: I sometimes think that I should have done weirder things and spent less time knitting to get the full effect of being halfway across the world. Especially because that darn shawl is now in permanent hibernation. . . I just didn't like it in worsted weight!

Which brings us to the main point:

Holy cats, do I ever have a lot of hobbies. I'd like to say too many, but I enjoy them all, and I wouldn't want any of them to read this and get their feelings hurt. Not that hobbies read. I'm not crazy - I just talk like I am.

I read all kinds of knitting blogs, and spinning blogs, and bellydancing blogs, and blogs about dogs, and cooking, and photography. And I think to myself: I should do that, except it will have to be a little less pin-pointed. Because those are all things I do with varying degrees of faithfulness. I don't read many blogs about playing the harp and doing yoga, and trying to learn to run but giving yourself shin splints every darn time. But those are things I do, too. And then I wonder, would people read about all those things?

And so, I'm going to try posting about them. About my Christmas Yarn that Santa (my mom) brought me, and my aspirations toward a spinning wheel, and how I always start practicing Christmas Carols on my harp too late every year, and end up playing them through January. But I think I will let this marinate and organize my thoughts and go to Petco to buy hay. Because sometimes, you just need a bag full of hay. For example, when your bunny (Louis, the lady bunny) keeps giving you baleful looks and you keep staving off her resentment with too many carrots. She is round enough already, but don't tell her I said so. Now she's looking at me accusingly from her favorite cardboard box.


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