Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Magic Frantic Post Trick

I was doing so well that I got a little overconfident about the 198 yards of heaven shawl I started two days ago. I just knit and knit and watched Veronica Mars while I knit and then I. . . tinked (knit backwards, get it?) and knitted and tinked, and knitted, and I think I've gone around in circles four or five times now since yesterday, and my stitch count is so consistently off!

But my tried and true Magic Frantic Post Trick came through for me again!  As soon as I posted a frantic comment on Ravelry begging for help I re-knit the trouble row and came out with the right number of stitches. I don't know why I don't just make a frazzled post as soon as trouble starts. It never fails that as soon as I make a nerd of myself publicly on the internet, the problem is solved.  This is true for any issue on any forum, as long as helpful well-wishers answer me and I then have to respond with a blushing emoticon and a confession that I figured it out!

In other news, I did not get bitten by my rabbit today. You may think that is an odd thing to say, since she doesn't usually bite me, but this time she had a reason.  She probably has a UTI or similar, and so we are giving her ten days of antibiotics. By we I mean me, and by giving I mean poking the side of her face until her tiny little mouth opens and I can put a syringe off medicine into it. She wasn't thrilled or cooperative, but she also didn't leap up and start biting me on the face. I gave her a carrot, but she refused to eat it until after I went into the other room (pouting bunny is cute).

Cookies Eaten For Breakfast: 3 + a mini peanut butter cup
Knitting Done Today: Very little, not including tinking.
Pleasure derived from groping Handmaiden's Lady Godiva (see above, the pink yarn <3): Lots
Podcasts Listened To: Early episodes of Sticks & Strings
Bunny Medicine Administered: .5 mg
Fingers Lost to the Bunnicula: 0
Harp Practice: None, but maybe some tonight after dinner at my parents house (where the harp lives)
Willingness to accept that my week off from work is almost over:  Zilch
USPS tracking codes for purchases that say only "There is no record of this shipment": 3
^ I am vaguely displeased about this.  USPS, you should be telling me when the knitting books and Namaste knitting bag I accidentally bought yesterday will arrive!  I need to know!


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