Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Impending Snow Day

These blizzards make me wonder - why have no fireplace and an electric stove in your New England home?  Even if it is theoretically a summer home?  I guess we have a good quilt, and a grill, and my parents don't live too very far away!

I called about my spinning wheel today - and she hasn't heard back yet about the wait time.  It must be weird ordering things from New Zealand, since they're all opposite-land over there.  I'm so excited even just to hear some word about when my wheel will be here!  I feel like having a time frame will make it feel less like some fantastical dream.

I finished a project yesterday - no, not my Christmas knitting.  I needed a break from all the i-cord and short rows, so I picked up a cropped sweater that I finished knitting in August and have been putting off seaming.  I did the seaming and picked up all the stitches to do the finishing rows around the outside and the sleeves.  Now all I need to do is block it!

I also learned a very sproingy new bind-off, because Sunday night be parents had a turkey dinner!  Backtracking a little. . . they had a turkey dinner and my aunt who knits was there, and I bound off and the edging was the very tiniest!  It squeezed my armpits!  She showed me a new bind-off and I brought it home and did that instead, with needles two sizes larger than the ones I had been using.  It worked wonderfully, and I'm going to try to find a video of it for you, or maybe make one!  That will be a project for tomorrow, when I will likely be snowed in.

Remind me to tell you how Louie went on walkabout this morning, ok?  Because she explored the house pretty thoroughly, and I can't be mad that I was late for work because her ears are so dang floppy.


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