Saturday, January 15, 2011

On the needles?

Part of what I love about listening to knitting podcasts is the commonly-present On The Needles segment   I find it intriguing to know how people prioritize, organize, and plan for their knitted items.  Another thing I love about podcasts? Their super cute accents.

My method seems to be thus:  Have one of everything on the needles all the time so I have knitting to suit any mood.
For example, on my needles now are:
1. Amigurumi Tomato
2. Secret Christmas project.  Pictures soon, I promise!  Chris is so patient - partly because my gift isn't done yet either.  At this rate, we'll end up having fake Christmas in July.
3. Lace shawl with worsted weight
4. Lace shawl with lace weight
5. Two at a time toe-up socks
6. The Talia vest, which I cast on during our Snow Day Outsourced Marathon.  But I cast on in acrylic, and do I really want to do that?  It's purple and soft (Berrocco Comfort), but wouldn't I rather work with wool or something that I'll like better?  But it is machine washable, so. . . I just can't decide.

Some people have even more projects on than even I do, I have found.  Jasmine over at the Knitmoregirls Podcast seems to have all the projects ever - and socks hiding around every corner!   Not all of them are active, but there are still many.  This sounds like a wonderland to me, where your house is just full of beautiful half-knitted items and you can pick and choose as you like. Meghan at Stitch It! Podcast said early on (I'm still catching up) that she can only ever have two things on the needles. . . which sounds much more productive to me, but then I would have to choose!

The spinning wheel update is that it will ship this week, so I should be able to pick it up at the shop the week after.  Two weeks!  I am practicing deep breathing.  Two weeks is only a very small amount of time, right?  Right?!

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  1. Let's see if I can keep track of everything I have in progress right now:

    1. A circular lace shawl
    2. A pair of socks
    3. A crocheted granny square afghan
    4. A garter stitch scrapghan I started when I lived in Jersey and haven't touched in two years (does that still count as "in progress"?)
    5. Another Clapotis Scarf
    6. A pair of fingerless mitts that are nearly done
    7. A cardigan I started a year ago and haven't touched in about 10 months

    I *think* that's it for the moment, and to be honest I'm impressed with myself that the list is that short. :)