Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Latest Hobby: Slacking from Blogging

One of the neighbor's roses, in summer.
Louie has been less and less enthused by her antibiotics.  We've now progressed into her running away from me as if her life depended upon it.  Then I pick her up (kicking and. . . kicking, thank goodness, she isn't screaming), and flip her over, and pet her and pet her, and coo - and then put the syringe in her mouth and apologize.  Then she hops away from me, and pretends she doesn't exist for a while hiding in a cardboard box in the kitchen.

My 198 yards of Heaven shawl is going really well, and I'm familiar enough with the pattern now that I can figure out where I've gone wrong when I make a mistake!

I've only done one more row of the Laminaria shawl, but it's still going well.  I'm a little nervous that I didn't swatch, but I'm usually a little nervous about not swatching.

And, before you ask, yes - I did!  I went over to my parents' and played my harp for a while yesterday.  I played the songs I have memorized, about a hundred scales, and then I started recalling the Spinning Wheel Song. 

See, I have this plan.  My plan is that if I start practicing my harp regularly, and keep doing it, I can get myself a spinning wheel.  I've only wanted one since I knew they existed, and now seems like a good time to get one.  Ok, it doesn't seem like a terrible time.  I do know that it seems silly to bribe myself with a new hobby to practice an old one, but. . . have you seen the title of this blog?


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